Good News of the Week, compiled by the Scarlet Precinct America First Republicans  3.19.23

1.Women’s Group Launches Massive Ad Campaign Opposing Ohio Amendment to Remove Parents From Children’s Decisions on Abortion, Sex Changes | The Gateway Pundit

2.Utah bans abortion clinics in wave of post-Roe restrictions | Fox 8 Cleveland WJW

3.Praying Football Coach Reinstated to His Former Position | MRCTV

4.Regulators Tell TikTok Owner to Sell or Be Banned

5.Rasmussen Poll Shows 60% of Americans Believe “Climate Change” is a Religion that Has Nothing to do with Climate | The Gateway Pundit

 6.Investigators score big win as Treasury turns over secret bank records flagging Hunter Biden deals | Just The News

 7.Final service academy lifts COVID-19 vaccine mandate after congressional, media pressure | Just The News

 8.“Get the Hell Out of My City!” Reporter Destroys Disgraced Chicago Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot During City Council Meeting (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

9.HAPPENING NOW: Wisconsin Republican Senate Initiates Process to Scrub Wisconsin Voter Rolls of 3.8 MILLION Extra Names and Phantom Voters | The Gateway Pundit

10.Kentucky Lawmakers Pass Bill That Will Allow Parents to Challenge Obscene Books in Schools | The Gateway Pundit

11.Texas Lawmakers Unanimously Pass Bill That Will Allow Fentanyl Dealers To Be Charged With Murder | The Gateway Pundit

12.Trump wins again as YouTube unbans his channel

13.J.K. Rowling: ‘There’s Something Dangerous’ About the Transgender Movement

14.Top Republican Orders Probe Into Whether Federal Funds Were Used in Potential Trump Indictment

15.San Jose Sharks Goalie Refuses to Wear His Woke Team’s LGBTQ Jersey – Boycotts Team Warmups (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Morale Boost

Manhattan DA Announces Plan To Get Trump Elected In 2024 | Babylon Bee

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