Good News of the Week, compiled by the Scarlet Precinct America First Republicans  3.15.23

1.Tens of Thousands of Dutch Farmers Protest in The Hague: “Resist Much, Obey Little!” | The Gateway Pundit

2.College enrollment tanks as many teens opt for trade school or an early career: ‘Why do I want to put in all the money to get a piece of paper?’ – TheBlaze

3.Left-Wing Journalist Pens Apology Letter After Major Jan. 6 Revelation – ‘I Am So Sorry’

4.Phoenix School District Sued For Unconstitutional Discrimination Against Christians – AZ FREE NEWS

5.Dr. Fauci Should Be Terrified After What Congress Did

6.Republicans Revive Push to Allow Americans to Sue CCP Over COVID-19

7. Rubio Introduces Bill to Block EV Tax Credits to Ford’s Plant Using Chinese Technology

8.Moderna Fails to Convince Judge that US Government Should Have Been Sued for its COVID-19 Vaccine Patent Not Them | The Gateway Pundit

9.Democrat Senator Who Asked for Government Censorship Over Bank Collapses Gets Exposed – RedState

10.Fed-up Stanford students demand DEI dean’s firing after she heckled Trump-appointed judge during speaking event

11.Ranchers Since 1878: Family With Over 100,000 Acres Say They’ll Pass It on Intact to One of the Kids

12.BREAKING: James O’Keefe launches O’Keefe Media Group after ouster from Project Veritas | The Post Millennial |

Morale Boost

Bank Learns Hard Lesson That If They Invest Their Money Irresponsibly The Government Will Bail Them Out | Babylon Bee

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